Fight Fraud

Fight Fraud

Minimize the risk
of fraud with
Real Time Card Alerts!


Find the Real Time Card Alert form under the Support Center tab in your online banking account. OR call us at (765) 869-5513!

Here are Some Tips for Fighting Fraud:

  • Notify the bank IMMEDIATELY if your card is lost, do not wait to call us.
  • Notify us when you are traveling out of the area on vacation or work, and when you will be returning.
  • Always keep your credit or debit card in a safe and secure place
  • Securely dispose of old cards and/or paperwork which accompanies new cards
  • Examine the front of ATMs, gas pumps and card machines for unusual attachments disguised as part of the machines
  • If anything looks out of place, do not use it. Please call the financial institution or let merchant employees know, so law enforcement can be contacted